My First Mac Eyeshadows

Now being a new lover of Mac products I decided I wanted to give their eyeshadows a go, but at the cheapest possible price. therefore, I bought a palette online (ebay) which is similar to the older Mac eyeshadow palette but cheaper and without the name. then I figured I could have the pan eyeshadows as in the long run they work out a lot cheaper and take up less room. just because I want to invest more into higher end makeup doesn't mean I have to allow myself to be ripped off by them haha.

so the two colours I decided to get were chosen for prom so that I actually had a specific colour idea in mind. therefore, I knew I wasn't buying pointless colours I would never find a use for. the colours I chose were Gleam and Mulch which I haven't heard as much about in the blogging community. 

however, putting that aside I decided to give them a go anyway as I liked the colours and so I am actually pleased with my choice. Gleam is a beautiful shimmery pink but it is very pale. therefore, it is used as more of an all over colour or a highlight if going for a more dramatic look. Mulch is also a shimmery colour, however, this one is a dark brown and beautiful for the crease. 

 the one thing I think lets these eyeshadows down is that they are not super pigmented, as a newbie to Mac eyeshadows I was expecting them to have a high pigmentation due to the price. however, they aren't bad and of course they are buildable so it isn't too much of a problem.

all in all I am happy I invested in these and have already added more to my wishlist and so I hope to be adding them to my collection soon and hopefully i'll have a full palette before the end of the year haha.

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