Motivate me for Monday

Am i the only one who relies on certain motivators to get me through the week? often i feel like my week will be wasted and full of wasted time before Monday as even greeted us.. in 2014 this is definitely one of the things i am hoping to change; and what better way to do that than to spend your Sunday night looking up motivational quotes and pictures to help your week be brighter and more productive?

so today i found some of my favourite motivational quotes to help you make this Monday your happiest and most productive yet.

remember, you have 24 hours in a day, and you have the opportunity in each day to do something that scares you; excites you; motivates you and makes you an improved version of yesterdays you.

although this post is a little random, it is something i want to do a little more of as i believe everyone needs a little motivation from time to time to remember their dreams and live there lives.

oh and i guess this is my way of saying im back to blogging now! i've missed you guys and i'll talk to you all tomorrow!

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