My Current Favourite Lipsticks

So today is a pretty big picture post, but being a big lover of lipsticks I decided today to show you my top ones. of course these are my favourites of summer and they definitely change up regularly. therefore, my favourites now probably wont be next month. however, I wanted to show you my favourites at the moment as I feel they are a great selection of colours :) 

so before the pictures below I wanted to talk about the lipsticks and kinda why I like them :)
as you can see they are all either bright colours or neutral pinks which make up a very large section of my makeup collection. I am a sucker for pink lipsticks and I shall do a post in the future of my lipsticks.
so to start off with I find all these lipsticks extremely soft and easy to apply and they feel hydrating on my lips which is a big bonus for me. 
the colours are all true to the packaging and their lasting power is pretty good. especially MUA shade 3. the bright pink shade just stays no matter what. 

so there you have it, a range of high end and high street lip products, I hope you like it and please excuse my lips haha xx

MUA shade 3

Avon Pink Cuddle

MUA shade 2

Mac Pink Plaid

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