Distintos estilos de uñas decoradas con cristal Swarovski

La decoración de uñas con cristal Swarovski se ha estado usando mucho y se ha vuelto tendencia en los últimos meses, ya que además de ser muy llamativas resultan muy elegantes. Si estás buscando donde comprar estos cristales o piedras y distintos estilos para lucirlos en tus eventos estas de suerte, ya que a continuación, te mostraré algunos de los distintos estilos de uñas decoradas con cristal Swarovski y te explicaré cómo usarlos. 

Estilos de uñas con cristales Swarovski

Lo primero que debes de saber es que hay una gran variedad de diseños de uñas con Swarovski, así que antes de comenzar tendrás que elegir o tener en mente el modelo o diseño que deseas lucir.
Para estos estilos recomendamos la línea Krealoparati, de forma que puedas tener la mejor calidad para en los estilos de tus uñas. Usando esta línea, te podemos recomendar que uses un esmalte de color azul, rosa o rojo, además de que así puedes elegir mejor la cantidad de piedras que utilizaras.
Si estas usando un diseño de uñas Swarovski con esmalte rojo, el diseño será muy llamativo y se notará de inmediato, en este tipo de diseños recomendamos que uses un máximo de 3 piedras, las cuales podrás ordenar a tu gusto, incluso usando una solo piedra de crystalpixie puedes hacer que tus uñas se vean muy elegantes. 

Todas sabemos la importancia de lucir unas uñas elegantes en eventos importantes, y esto también se puede lograr usando uñas rosas con cristales, un color más neutro para las uñas que también da muy buenos resultados. Con este color recomendamos que uses un máximo de 4 cristales, así el diseño combinará a la perfección y no será muy “escandaloso” o más llamativo de lo que buscas.
Por último, las uñas azules con cristales Swarovski también son muy recomendables y quedan perfectas usando un solo cristal, no necesitas muchos cristales para que tus uñas sean llamativas, aunque el diseño depende de cada chica y sus gustos.

Changing Appearances

hello everyone :) welcome back to my page! I must admit I have been very bad and not posted in almost 20 days! shock horror! so tonight I am writing for you so that you don't think I have left you all.

now for those of you who don't know I am a natural blonde. I was a very blonde baby but as I ot older my hair colour got darker. it got to the point where I had dark brown roots but blonde tips so it looked like I had badly dyed hair. eventually I got bored of it...

and so for the first time in my life I have dyed my hair! (FYI I have had highlights once before though ) I decided to go darker because for years I have wanted dark brown hair. and now that I am nearing 18!! I wanted a nice mature colour to show off my new adultness that I will have Thursday :)

so for hair dye I chose colour 96 lightest golden brown because it was probably the darkest I dared to go in case brown didn't suit my complexion.

I also decided to get semi-permanent with no-ammonia because as I am a first time dyer I didn't want to ruin my hair and not like it. so this way I get to try a new hair colour and then if I am sold when it starts to wash away then I will buy the permanent version.

I got these from superdrug for '2 for £8'

as I have thick hair I had to use two boxes because my mum knew that one box simply wouldn't be enough and we left it on for 20 minutes so a bit longer than the recommended 15. 

the above picture is my blonde hair and so the 'before' shot

this picture ^ is my hair today, the day after I dyed it. I had to wash it this morning as it had an orange tinge to it, particularly my roots. however, after washing it the tinge faded and now I have lovely brown hair. 

all in all the dye process was quick and simple and I love the outcome. it is still weird and something I have to get used to but I am seriously considering dying my hair this colour permanently.

the conditioner also left my hair super soft and silky so for those of you who are new to dying their hair I would definitely recommend the ammonia free products first before you go into the permanent dye. because seriously I was scared of doing damage to my hair and then not like it. 

please let me know what you guys think and whether you feel it suits me :) any feedback is greatly appreciated...

speak soon 

Maybe you would like this video, i love it:


Motivate me for Monday

Am i the only one who relies on certain motivators to get me through the week? often i feel like my week will be wasted and full of wasted time before Monday as even greeted us.. in 2014 this is definitely one of the things i am hoping to change; and what better way to do that than to spend your Sunday night looking up motivational quotes and pictures to help your week be brighter and more productive?

so today i found some of my favourite motivational quotes to help you make this Monday your happiest and most productive yet.

remember, you have 24 hours in a day, and you have the opportunity in each day to do something that scares you; excites you; motivates you and makes you an improved version of yesterdays you.

although this post is a little random, it is something i want to do a little more of as i believe everyone needs a little motivation from time to time to remember their dreams and live there lives.

oh and i guess this is my way of saying im back to blogging now! i've missed you guys and i'll talk to you all tomorrow!

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A cheeky blog post

Hehe, see what I did there? anyway o.O on to my post of today. I am going to be featuring two products I have been using constantly on my cheeks since I bought them! one is the MUA cream blusher in Scrummy and the other is the Bourjois Maxi Delight bronzer in 02.

now I haven't always been that obsessed with cheek products but my collection has grown considerably the more I have been blogging. MUA is a brand I have always adored. I own their blushers, lipsticks, palettes, eyeshadows etc, and to be honest there has only been one product I haven't liked by them. their range is fantastic quality for the price and you seriously wouldn't think it cost only £1 or at most £5. I feel like sometimes their packaging lets them down being plastic, but come on! its made of some pretty decent plastic haha. 

now onto the blusher, I bought this when I went to superdrug on payday and just thought to hell with it and grabbed it. I have never used a cream blush before and wanted to try a cheaper alternative before I bought the bourjois ones because they are pricier at 7.99. 

first impressions were good, it is very easy to put on and I use my real techniques stippling brush to blend it out, you can use your fingers but im not a fan of letting my fingers touch my face when applying base makeup. I find the application is easy as the product is really nice and creamy. in all honesty, it has probably subsided my hurry to try the bourjois one and instead I might just purchase all the MUA cream blushes. 

if I had to say there is a downside to this product then it would be the smell. It has a rather plastic smell that I am not keen on but you can just choose to ignore it it doesn't bother you too much :)

the next product is the bronzer! I picked this up on the same superdrug trip as the cream blusher as bourjois had it on an introductory offer of 5.99 so I literally though yoink! and brought it home with me. thinking about it this is actually my first ever bourjois product, that ive bought anyway. 

first impressions was definitely the smell. it smells heavenly, kind of like chocolate, and it lingers on your face all day. which I love, because I can sometimes faintly smell chocolate, unless im going mad. 

since buying this I haven't gone back to my sleek contour kit, which must be a good thing as that product is a god send. the pigmentation on this giant baby is great, so the amount of product you get it going to last you forever. 

if I had to say one thing it is that it is a little too shimmery, but if it bothers you matte it down with a face powder afterwards :)

Palmers Gradual Tanner Review

So this review is of a pretty impulsive buy. I had seen a lot of  bloggers rave about this product and really wanted to see if it was worth the hype. I picked it up in boots on offer for £3 roughly and am glad I got to try it so cheap!

Firstly, this product smells amazing! it typically smells like cocoa butter, such as all their other products. so to me I was already sold on this haha. secondly, this product actually works! which makes it even better. 

I first used this about a week ago now, and I put it on before going to bed, therefore, giving it all night to do its magic. in the morning I was noticeably more tanned all over which was nice as I never tan. however, when I left my house I noticed my arms and hands were orange :( It was pretty embarrassing as I had already left for town and couldn't go home to wash it off. so I hadn't used it again since then because I thought it would just go orange on me again!

However, I took to twitter and got the genius tip of washing my hands after which I tried the other morning and it worked! I am now sitting here with a beautiful tan and it smells amazing! what more could any girl want?

Also, for those of you who have sensitive skin? This product should still work for you! I have extremely sensitive skin and this has not brought me out in hives so it is a perfect product for me :)

I would say that the staying power of this is pretty awesome too, even when you have a shower, the tan remains. so if you want a deep tan then continue use every tan but if your happy with it after a day then you can be confident it will last for about 4-5 days. 

So I would say that if you don't own this product then you seriously need to go out and buy it! I can tell you that when payday comes up I will be buying more and stocking up for winter haha. 


Quick to develop a tan ( I had one the day I put it on)
smells amazing


Can bunch on the hands if not washed.

So I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know if you try this product.


where have I been?! any longer and it could have been nearing on a month! however, my laptop had broken and I needed to wait to get a new one! here I am today with my new Toshiba laptop :) I am still learning about Windows 8 but I really like it so far :)

so for those of you who don't know, I turned 18 on the 29th of August and on the 30th I went and got my very first tattoo :) this tattoo, for those asking, is for my dad who passed away on November 18th, 2012.

the meaning of the arrow: an arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it back, so remember that when life is holding you back, it is getting ready to shoot you into something better.

in terms of pain i'd say mine was a 2out of 5. I really didn't experience any unbearable pain until my artist started the outline after the shading. however, it has not put me off having more so the pain is not as bad as people make it out to be.

in terms of what it feels like I would say it is like being scratched, with a sharp nail and of course a lot deeper. I don't know if that explanation is very helpful haha.

it has now been 2 weeks since I had it done and I still don't think that it is completely healed still. however, it has set and the colour is still very vibrant. im still using bepanthen on my arm so that it does not dry out.

my artist: is from a local tattoo shop in my town in Essex, I have included pictures of his work :)

he is also the same artist who done my boyfriends tattoo, pictures of which are on my instagram page :)

 I hope that you liked this post and I am sure you will see it crop up more in terms of my outfit posts :) let me know in the comments what you think and of course follow if you would like to see more :)

My First Mac Eyeshadows

Now being a new lover of Mac products I decided I wanted to give their eyeshadows a go, but at the cheapest possible price. therefore, I bought a palette online (ebay) which is similar to the older Mac eyeshadow palette but cheaper and without the name. then I figured I could have the pan eyeshadows as in the long run they work out a lot cheaper and take up less room. just because I want to invest more into higher end makeup doesn't mean I have to allow myself to be ripped off by them haha.

so the two colours I decided to get were chosen for prom so that I actually had a specific colour idea in mind. therefore, I knew I wasn't buying pointless colours I would never find a use for. the colours I chose were Gleam and Mulch which I haven't heard as much about in the blogging community. 

however, putting that aside I decided to give them a go anyway as I liked the colours and so I am actually pleased with my choice. Gleam is a beautiful shimmery pink but it is very pale. therefore, it is used as more of an all over colour or a highlight if going for a more dramatic look. Mulch is also a shimmery colour, however, this one is a dark brown and beautiful for the crease. 

 the one thing I think lets these eyeshadows down is that they are not super pigmented, as a newbie to Mac eyeshadows I was expecting them to have a high pigmentation due to the price. however, they aren't bad and of course they are buildable so it isn't too much of a problem.

all in all I am happy I invested in these and have already added more to my wishlist and so I hope to be adding them to my collection soon and hopefully i'll have a full palette before the end of the year haha.