My Cult Products: Fix Plus By Mac

Ok so I sort of decided to give a new collection of posts a go. this time im looking into doing my cult products as I feel they are the type I look for when choosing new products to use. this is because it gives me an idea on how the product suits different skin types and allows me to match it to my own. 

for my first post in this collection I am going to show you a new cult product and that is my Fix + by Mac which I bought in France in February. i'd wanted to try this for a while and took the plunge in Sephora in Paris and tried the full size bottle. I am glad to say that I have only just gone under half way. therefore, for the price tag it is lasting very well. I use my Fix + every morning after my morning routine but before makeup application and love the way it helps my foundation to glide on. 

I was a bit sceptical at first as I didn't want it to dry out my skin or make it too oily. (I have combination skin but it can get very dry) however, I have found it does neither. in all honesty I wouldn't say that it has improved my skin at all, nor does it make a huge impact. therefore if your looking for an amazing skin product that will change your skin, this probably isn't it and you would be wasting your money. 

however, I find I use it solely to help my foundation glide on easier as it gives me a moist base to work with. it also hydrates my skin so that it isn't so dry after washing it. 

Have you ever tried Mac Fix +? how did you get on with it?

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